Obtain A Green Card Faster Under The Assistance Of Marcelle Poirier

The Unites States Permanent Resident Card is better known as Green Card which depicts the identity of those individuals who live permanently in the Unites States but are not U.S. citizens. Basically, it is a identification card that proves that acquires most of the rights of a U.S citizen and a person is legally permissible to stay and work in the United States. It contains the name and photograph plus the other information of the holder. While staying in the Unites States, a holder needs to carry his/her green card at all the time to avoid any trouble, when asked by the U.s citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) officer.

To avoid any kind of counterfeiting, the card has also been improved a number of times. The green card allows the foreigner to obtain a lawful permanent residency. After obtaining the green card (LPR), you may reside in the United States and work for any employer of your choosing. Well! To know more about the green card, have a look at the requirements that makes you eligible for the one:

- By marrying an American citizen or a permanent resident.

- If you are the parent or the child of a permanent which means through family ties with a green card holder.

- Through the lottery.

- If you are investing 1 million dollars and employing ten American citizens or permanent citizens.

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