dining rules by emma peller and bryce meadows

Dining rules for Argentina                                                                                                                 *Do not eat until the host tells you to in Argentina                                                          *Argentinians do not switch their knife and fork.                                                                    *When you are done eating, you must cross your knife and fork over your plate.                  *At all times when you are at the table you hands must be visible.                                         *You pass all dishes to your left.                                                                                                       *Do not cut the lettuce in your salad, fold it with your fork

We were surprised that in Argentina you don't switch your knife and fork into different hands. In the United States, you can use whatever hand is comfortable for you. It is important for you to know the etiquette rules of a place before you visit it because if you do not, you might upset the host by doing something offensive on accident.

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