The Mesozoic Era

By: Maura Kinsella

Come to the Mesozoic era it will be the adventure of a lifetime.

Its great luxury up in the tree tops. We have Little condos in the trees for everyone to come and visit. It has a great view. Its awesome to look out and be able to see all the dinosaurs roaming around.Every night it cost 100$ dollars more to stay in the condos, no matter the amount of people. Every morning at the bottom of the trees their will be free breakfast.

We have so many fun things to do here the things include the following:

-Dinosaurs rides= $5.00 each person.(They may go flying off running so make sure ya wear your seat belt.)

-Dung baths= $10.00 per family.

Packing list-

While you come to this wonderful trip of Mesozoic era you will need to bring, Lots of clothes, mainly shorts and shirts, because it is very hot. You will also need clothes that can get dirty because this place a great place to get dirty. Everything else like beds and dishwashers, and stoves are all included.

What is Earth like while your here:

While your here in the Mesozoic era it will be very mountain like and have lots of trees.

The weather conditions:

While your here the weather conditions will change. Most of the time it will be very sunny outside and very hot, but by night you may get some rain.

Interesting facts:

Mesozoic era means Middle life. interval of geological time from about 252 66 million years ago.

Plant and animal life:

In this era there is lots of plant life. Back in this era their was not as many organisms so they didn't have much of flowering plants like we have today. Although they did have lots of tree's. Trees were a big factor in this era because dinosaurs liked to eat lots of leaves of the trees. If their would have not been any plants their would not have been animals living on the earth. The animals roaming the earth in this era was only reptiles and amphibians.

Atmospheric conditions: During the Triassic period the oxegen in the atmosphere fell to a little below 15%.

Dangers you need to know:

-DO NOT go near the animals, or they will attack.

-DO NOT feed the animals

Other than that have as much fun as you would like. Hope you enjoy your stay.


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