Nepal Earthquake

Today, just months after the country was devastated by a deadly quake, that left 36 dead and over 1,000 injured they still need aid according to united nation they have only have a portion of aid met. According to government officials they aren’t out of emergency situation yet. They are still preparing for more victims to arrive in helicopters from Mount Everest they except the death toll to rise in coming weeks. Geologist say that this 7.5 magnitude earthquake made Mt Everest 3 feet shorter than its original height It trigged 5-9 avalanches  

Nepal sits in middle of two major plates the india plate and the European plates this  massive quake was 7.8 magnitude  the largest earthquake since 1955 which was a 8.2 magtuide

As you can see in photo above MT Everest is 3 feet taller before the earthquake now its  3 feet shorter scientist say that the earthquake had some much force it shaved 3 feet off of MT Everest and the  3 feet of snow and rock on top of MT Everest came down in avalanches which is why their where so many injured and lost hikers had the avalanches not happened  there would be  not a lot of missing people

Pros and Cons

                                        pros it creates mountain ranges

                                           Pro it changes the earth

                                          Con kills and injure millions  of people

                                           Con destroys homes and citys


As you can see above the Indian and Eurasian plate hit  each other causing a earthquake which then destroyed Nepal and part of MT Everest  which this happens daily all over the world .

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