spooky monsters

By: Alexis

Trick or treat! Have you seen spooky monsters in the night? Well their just kids. i'am going to tell you about real monsters that will give you goosebumps hold on tight because the ride is about to begin.

Vampires are very fast. They have a very cold heart. Vampires drink blood and animal blood oh and eat human food. People think that vampires wear black capes and sound like a old person. But they look just like us and sound like us too. They look,act,and live like us.You might ask how vampires can't walk in the sun? "The sun god Apollo hated vampires and curst the sun to burn their skin".The first vampire ever was Ambrogio Italian. The devil him self found Ambrogio tricked him and turn him into a vampire. What vampires can do.Vampires can turn into wolves,owls,cats,and bats. vampires can turn into animals because to hide from humans and to hide for were wolves. and vampires can walk in the sun. A which named Emily Hoffmen worked for a vampier and Emily was black and the vampire was a girl oh how i wish i could find out her name. she told Emily to make something for her to walk in the sun.So Emily made her a ring and made some for other vampires. How to turn into a vampire is if you drink a vampires blood and die. Hope you had a spooky time with the vampires! Ha Ha Ha!

Hairy Smelly but Dangerous

Were wolves are almost like vampires. But very different they are a lot stronger and faster. movie... never mind. werewolves are very strong because the bigger they're the stronger and if they're strong as a human they will way more stronger. Were wolves are some how if it touches silver or metal their skin will be burned. History of were wolves."It's said that Apollo had a sister named Artenis the goddess of the moon hated werewolves well soon after she made a curse for the moon to be foul every night when were wolves turn the pain hurts really bad so thats why she made the moon foul every night to suffer the pain". how to turn into a werewolf. is if you get bit or drink the blood of a goose. and werewolf blood as well.

Slow Dead but they crave the Brain!

here is the thing you should know how to kill and survive a zombie.

  • First you need a gun any kind and kill them.
  • To survive get to a place thats high and thick walls and clear all areas and bring food and water.
  • If you run out of food or and get out but don't come out with out a gun.
  • If theres 5 or more zombies kill them with a knife not gun because the sound will bring more zombies.
  • And look for survivers

How did they get here? People mite put toxic in them or some which mite put a spell on the dead to become the undead!Just playing. How to turn into a zombie.Is if they bite you it will slowly happen and then puff! Your a zombie.

Hope you had a spooky time with the monsters but is time to go but they will be back! Happy halloween! HA HA HA!