Interior Plains


The Interior Plains of Canada are part of Great Plains of North America that are stretch from the Arctic Ocean.

What are the Interior Plains?

The Interior Plains are 2700 km covered with long root grass, June grass also porcupine grass.  The Interior Plains in Canada are extended 49th parallel north and 2700 km wide, towards the arctic ocean.   Interior region starts from the far North of Canada all the way down to the United States border.


In the interior Plains around in the south there are long not summers and cold winters due to little precipitation. The winter are longer and colder(-10c - 29c) , summers are shorter and hotter ( 9c - 18c). The temperature sometimes makes tornadoes mostly around the months March and June. Up in the North the weather for Winter in very long and hot but in the summer its very short and cool.

How does in look like?

The interior Plains has a lot of grass. Some of the grass located here the types of grass that the interior plains have are: long root grass, June grass, porcupine, pin spruce and also fir trees.  There are many plant types here for example: wheat, barley, oats and more plants grown. Most of the tree types are coniferous and deciduous trees. There is not much rain so the grass turns brown, it waits for rain to grow new grass. Irrigation is very much used in the Interior Plains, Irrigation is used when there is no rain so a big machine is used to water the crops.

Businesses: Farming

Farming is one of the main things in the Interior Plains. The Interior Plains have plenty of crops and plants.  Agriculture is really important activity across the interior plains.  The Farmers grow all sorts of variety of crops like wheat, canola, alfalfa and oats. Did you know that Interior Plains are know for the Bread Basket of Canada. There are also Dairy farms across Alberta, Saskatchewan and also Manitoba.

Types of Rocks

The types of rocks in the Interior Plains region are igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. The igneous rocks are located in the basement of the interior plains.  The igneous and metamorphic rocks are both found in the basement of interior plains, which make up the stable of the nucleus of North America.  Sedimentary rocks are also found in the Interior Plains they are used for to provide the fertile material soil fro the patchwork for the prairie farms.


The Interior Plains has a lot of crops and all sorts of different plants used for farming. The Interior Plains are part of the north to the south of Canada.  The different type of rocks help the soil fertile so that farmers use to plant crops.  The climate changes are different, they have small amounts of water so they use irrigation to water their crops. In conclusion Farming is a very important human activity in the Interior Plains.

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