Women Explorers in North and South America

By: Margo Mcloone

Have you ever thought a girl could climb mountain in 1902? Well I thought that they could not but there was a girl who did climb mountain and that was Annie peck and there were more but Annie was famous because people were shocked because she wore pants to climb and at that time, women were expected to wear floor-length skirts or dresses. Annie was born in 1850 and she past in 1935. She become the third women to climb the Matterhorn in 1895. Peck's next plan was to climb Mont Huascaran in the Andes mountains in Peru. Peck tried to climb Mont Huascaran five times over four year. She suffered from frostbit, windburns, and sunburns. She also crossed dangerous ice bridges and climbed  snowy glaciers. Will you can see that Annie Peck was an amazing at climbing mountain but she did have a great impact on our live because if she did not climb mountain women would not climb mountain or be exploring the world.


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