The Basics of Volleyball

By: Sydney M.


My text is about the basics of volleyball. Volleyball is a little harder than it looks. I will teach you how to bump, set, spike and serve (overhand and underhand.) I hope you like it!

How to Bump

Bumping is really simple. I’m sure you have seen people do volleyball like on the Olympics. Whenever you go to bump, you never want your thumbs to be crossed! If your thumbs are crossed when you bump, you could seriously hurt your hand. Now for form. You want to either cross your hands or cup your hands. Then plant your feet on the ground and have them spread apart so you can move a lot faster your arms out in front of you, don’t bring the up or else the ball will go behind you.

How to Set

Setting is kind of complicated. There are no really big rules for this one. Not like bumping. We just need to get on to form. First, put your hands above you head, then spread your fingers and kind of cup your hands a little. Then push up when it’s you turn, so your person who spikes can run up and spike the ball over the net.   

How to Spike

I think this is the one that really gets peoples attention. The only rule for this one is to have a stiff hand then you can hit the ball harder. Whenever you are in form around the net, there will be a person who spikes and also a setter. So, the setter will set the ball up in the air, then the person who spikes will run up and spike the ball over the net. Whenever you go to hit the ball you should hit it down, so it is harder for the other team to hit it back to you.   

How to Serve(overhand and underhand)

If you are a beginner then you will most likely serve underhand. (In most cases.) But then again some coaches like to begin with overhand, but I will teach you underhand anyways. If you want to serve underhand, then place the ball in one hand, then take the other hand and make a fist, then hold the ball out in front of you, then swing your fist and pop the ball over the net.

  If you have had a lot of practice with underhand serving then, I think that you are ready for overhand. Overhand serving is a little harder than it looks. You have got to have a really stiff hand. If you don’t have a stiff hand then, you won’t get the ball over the net. When you are serving overhand you are going to toss the ball, not to high, then you are going to smack the ball as hard as you can. For example my coach says, if you have a little brother or sister at home and they get on your nerves and you feel like smacking them as hard as you can, then put all of that energy into hitting the ball. Like I said you have to hit the ball hard or else it won’t go over the net. Whenever you see people on the Olympics serve overhand I bet you are thinking, “ Hey that looks easy I bet that I could do it!” Just keep in mind that they have had lots and lots of practice. My point is it is harder than it looks!  


I hope that my text was helpful to you,somehow. Anyways I’m sure it more helpful than it looks. I also hope that this text has got you interested in volleyball. Some good quality’s to have are tall and strong. But really anyone who wants to can play. I am sure you would be great at it. So, are you ready to play some volleyball?