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Do your grandchildren call you GiGi like mine do?  How about a really cute t-shirt that shows how proud you are to BE a GiGi?  Perhaps the GiGi in your life needs a great gift.

Take a look at these cute and fun GiGi T-shirts I've found (and yes, I want them ALL!)

                          see a shirt you like?  just click the picture to get more info

I L-O-V-E my GiGi Shirt. Best Gift - EVER! "I'm the Crazy GiGi Everyone Warned You About!" Yep, that's me!

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2 years ago

I also have this mug... my daughter got it for me. It says "I'm a GiGi - What's YOUR Superpower?". I absolutely LOVE it. Not only is it a great GiGi gift... it's really a great mug too!

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