Gilda Mullette

Respected American Ballet Performer and Actress

About Gilda Mullette

A respected ballet dancer and actress, Gilda Mullette has classical training that extends to her early adolescence, when she received an American Ballet Theatre scholarship. She subsequently pursued training in London at The Royal Ballet. Over the decades, Gilda Mullette has performed with many of North America and Europe’s premier companies, including the Paris Opera and the New York City Ballet. She also has performed classical dance at The White House and was selected by the choreographer Agnes de Mille to perform in Lincoln Center revivals of the Broadway musicals “Carousel” and “Oklahoma.”

Mullette’s studies as a thespian have included work under Lee Strasberg and Sandy Meisner, and she has had the opportunity to act with the celebrated mime impressionist Marcel Marceau. Mullette maintains a passion for music and plays the piano and the flute and has a particular interest in traditional Native American flute music. Gilda Mullette is an avid gardener who enjoys incorporating fresh vegetables into her Thai, French, Italian, and Indian culinary creations.

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