People of the Gilded Age

Andrew Carnegie - Created steel company able to mass produce steel in factories. Despite the hard working conditions for workers they revolutionized how cities were built with steel, the most durable metal at the time. Despite being responsibleartislly for the Johnstown flood he donated millions to charity to clear his name. Later his company was bought by JP Morgan and was called US steel.

John D. Rockefeller - created standard oil, and later created pipelines in a way to bypass usage of railroads. Since he was dependent on kerosene which lighted houses, the invention of the lightbulb cornered his market and was a great competition to him.

Cornelius Vanderbilt - Owned most of the railroads, including the transcontinental railroad, in the United States and controlled transportation. Became rich off of transportation of oil until Rockefeller created pipelines which destroyed the railroad market.

JP Morgan - banker and invester who made a risk by backing up Thomas Edison's DC light bulbs. Fought competition of Teslas' AC light bulbs but managed to convince public to use DC bulbs and light up the nation.

Alexander Graham Bell - Created telephone.

Jay Gould - Caused panic in stock market by attempting to buy gold in order to raise prices of wheat. Later known as Black Friday.

"I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one"- Andrew Carnegie

"Today, production is left to anarchy, and only tyranny, the twin sister of anarchy, is organized." - Theodore Roosevelt

Andrew Carnegie

Jay Gould

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