Marketing (unit 3)

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You are going to undertake a group project (in 3s) as outlined in the Google Doc below.  As we encounter new aspects, you will learn more about the theory to apply it within your project:

Part 3.1.1 - The role of marketing

...remember to use the Google Classroom as a main base for your learning

Pre-learning homework - watch this video and answer the questions as they arise. I will be collecting analytics on how long you spend, the answers given etc, so take this seriously and do your best...I know you're awesome, but the data will prove it!

Introduction to the Marketing Mix and the 4Ps! Enjoy...

Market Research

Watch this video and follow the instructions on Google Classroom...

Part 3.2 - Market Research

To begin today's lesson, follow this link so we can check your learning after the homework:

What are the 5 stages of market research?

Begin to work through them now!

3.1.7 Product (Design, brand, packaging and life cycle)

What are the 4 Ps?

Syllabus content:

Demonstrate an understanding of the product life cycle
- Knowledge and understanding of the importance of packaging
- Awareness of the concept of a brand name in influencing sales
- Knowledge of the stages of a product life cycle
- Draw and interpret a product life cycle diagram
- Understanding of the significance of the four main stages of the product life cycle
-Show awareness of extension strategies

3 groups - 3 concepts...

1 - Packaging
2 - Brand and the importance of brand image
3 - The life cycle

Research and produce a 1 x side, A4 handout to explain the key elements your concept (what is it? why is it important? what key terms are related? )
You will use this to teach members of the other groups

An example of what you may produce: