Giselle Halwani - Simple Steps to Becoming a Restaurant Manager

Working as a restaurant manager might not require the same level of study and preparation as a doctor, but it is something that needs to be in your blood. If you do not have that desire running inside of you, it might be quite difficult to fit the role of a restaurant manager. Giselle Halwani started working in an Italian restaurant waiting tables and quickly rose to the position of a head waiter and eventually became the restaurant manager. She offers a couple of valuable tips of how to become a restaurant manager.

Learn the Business

While a management degree could help you in landing a job as a restaurant manager, it might not be sufficient to handle the stress associated with the job. Many of the top restaurant managers in the industry started their career waiting tables and worked their way to the top. To become a successful restaurant manager, you might want to start small and learn the business as you go.

Don’t Jump from Job to Job

Don’t make the mistake of jumping from one job to the other. Corporate chains prefer to see clients with not more than two job changes in five years. Job hopping is not going to help you become a restaurant manager any quicker.

Your Guests are Your Priority

Do not call them customers, call them guests instead. You want them to feel like they are dining in your home and not at just another restaurant. Talk with them and make them feel comfortable, and they will come back to the restaurant. A good restaurant manager interacts with his guests and makes them feel comfortable.

Respect Your Staff

Start respecting your staff and you will soon have their respect. Remember you are working as a team and you need to have each other’s back. Don’t ask others to do things you wouldn’t do yourself. Respecting your fellow staff will help you move up ahead into becoming a good restaurant manager.

Giselle Halwani has always worked hard to respect her fellow staff at each restaurant she worked at and believes that a restaurant manager has to earn the respect of his staff.

Giselle Halwani

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Giselle Halwani Recommends Five Things Restaurant Managers Need to Know

Managing a restaurant involves taking into consideration various aspects that include public relations, customer service, staff management, and many other things. While it is a very demanding job, it is also an extremely satisfying one.

Seeing your customers leave the restaurant satisfied with the food and service they received shows that you are a successful manager with an excellent team backing you. Giselle Halwani is a successful restaurant manager and offers these five tips for upcoming managers.

Customer is Always Right – This is the golden rule of businesses, and one that every restaurant manager needs to know. The rule applies even if your do not agree with the customer. How you handle your customers will determine if they return to the restaurant.

Clear Job Expectations – Restaurant managers should let their staff know what is expected of them. Each person on the team should know and do what they are expected to do. When every person on the team does their job correctly, it will help the restaurant run smoothly.

Advertising – While print and television advertising can be used, restaurant managers should make use of the power of social media to advertise their restaurant. It does not cost much, but it has a powerful impact.

Watch Cash Flow – Restaurant managers should closely watch the cash flow in the restaurant. More money should be coming into the business than what goes out. You might want to monitor the daily, weekly and monthly cash flow in the restaurant. If you are not watching the cash flow, it could soon have the restaurant in financial trouble.

Restaurant Promotions – Organize and advertise restaurant promotions. It could be a nightly happy hour, or it could be a special night once a week where children get to eat for free. This will help bring in more families to the restaurant.

Giselle Halwani has been in the restaurant business for several years and has worked alongside several top chefs.

Giselle Halwani - Perseverance

Giselle Halwani said that to convince her father she was ready to work, she had to prove her skill. At age fifteen, she began working in the restaurant industry. She took some waitressing shifts at a local Italian deli down the street from her parents’ apartment over the summer. He still wanted her to go to college and get an education for herself. She learned at an early age that she could use her natural talent for organization to make a career for herself. After graduation, Giselle moved to Boston. She took him to work with her one busy night and showed her talents in gaining business for the restaurant and keeping the customers happy. Now, she is the manager of one of the best restaurants in Boston and hopes to one day take over as sole owner of the establishment. She again had to convince her father that it was a good life choice. Giselle has always had the determination to succeed in life. When the owners of the deli saw how hard she worked, they went to her father to ask if she could work for them during the school year. She says that her dream has always been to own a business and make money for herself.

At first Giselle Halwani's father balked about her working full time at a restaurant, saying that she needed to get her education and go to college, but Giselle eventually convinced him, and she worked at the deli until she graduated from high school. Her father was so proud of her for excelling in school that he let her take the job in Boston and continue her career in the restaurant industry. Her father said that she was the most determined and stubborn of his children, but that in the end it has paid off for her in a big way.

Giselle Halwani

Giselle Halwani - Meteoric Rise

Giselle Halwani

Giselle Halwani has been in the restaurant business in one way or another since she was fifteen. She began her meteoric rise to her prominent position at one of the best restaurants in Boston almost as soon as she first moved to Boston from Brooklyn, where her large family shared a two bedroom apartment.

Halwani’s parents moved to Brooklyn from Iran when she was five years old with her three brothers, two sisters, and grandparents. At age fifteen, she began working as a waitress for an Italian deli down the street from her apartment. When she first started, her superiors noticed an uncommon work ethic in her. They quickly promoted her and asked her to work through the school year after her first summer there. With some convincing of her parents who were concerned about her education, she worked forty hours a week at the restaurant making much-needed money for the family, especially her aging grandparents. She still graduated with a B average and moved to Boston after graduation.

Despite her parents’ wishes that she go to college, Giselle Halwani chose to find work in the restaurant business. She says she knew what she wanted to do even then and quickly found a job as a waitress at one of the most prestigious restaurants in Boston. There she found success and quick promotions, as well as her husband, Isaac, who worked as a chef at the restaurant. She rose to restaurant manager, taking over most of the daily operations of the restaurant for the owners, who are, even today, leaving more of the responsibilities of their restaurant to her.

GiselleHalwani - Started from the Bottom

Giselle Halwani

If anyone exemplifies the American Dream, it’s GiselleHalwani. Halwani got her start in the restaurant business after her sophomore year in high school. During the summer, she started working at the Italian deli down the street from the apartment her family rented in Brooklyn. When her family came to America from Iran, her parents had to completely renew their careers. Her father had been a dentist in Iran, but in America he had to take totally new training and re-educate himself to practice. When Giselle began working at the Italian deli, he worked as a janitor at a local school. It wasn’t until Giselleleft home after high school that he reestablished himself as a dentist in the US.

GiselleHalwani worked at the Italian deli to earn more money for her family. She worked hard and moved up the hierarchy at the deli quickly. The deli’s owners realized at the end of the summer that they couldn’t afford to lose her, so they asked her to stay for the school year. Gisellewas eager, but her parents wanted her to focus on school. When Geiffelle’s father saw how she worked at the deli, however, he eventually relented and let her work there full time while she went to school. Her days were long throughout high school. She often felt isolated from some of her classmates. Most of them didn’t have to work at all, much less forty hours a week in addition to school. Giselleused this ceaseless work ethic to move up the hierarchy at one of Boston’s best restaurants years later.

GiselleHalwani - Winning Personality

Giselle Halwani

The owners of one of the best restaurants in Boston say that they knew GiselleHalwani would improve their business the day she first came in for an interview. Halwani had just moved from Brooklyn only days before. She was fresh out of high school, but she already had a couple of years of restaurant experience under her belt. Halwani was hired as a waitress soon after her interview, and the rest is history. The owners said that she was the most important hire they made, with the exception, perhaps, of Isaac Halwani, Geiffelle’s husband, a chef at the restaurant who fell in love with Giselleimmediately after she started.

People close to Giselle Halwani say that she draws people to her. Her charisma helped her organize one of the best restaurants in Boston into the force on the Boston food scene that it is today. Her father said that she has always been a winner. Even when she was little living with three sisters and two brothers, she hated losing. She would make everything a competition, figure out how the opposition tried to win and use that information against them. Her observation skills served her well in the restaurant industry. She loves observing how the interactions between the cooking staff and the servers affect the presentation of the meal and how the servers interact with the customers.

GiselleHalwani says that she owes her success as a restaurant manager to her organizational and observational skills. She says she began to develop these skills as a teenager in a local Italian deli in Brooklyn.

Giselle Halwani -Hard Working

Giselle Halwani has worked full time in the restaurant business since she was fifteen years old. They say she has an eye for improvement and seeks to make the restaurant better every day she shows up for work. Giselle made a name for herself in the restaurant industry by working hard. She worked her way up from a waitress at one of the best restaurants in Boston to restaurant manager in a few short years. She worked her way through high school at the deli and, after graduation she skipped college and moved to Boston for a fresh start in the restaurant business. And she wanted to experience a different place without moving too far from home. Many people ask her why she moved away from one of the food capitals of the world for a smaller city, and she says that she wanted to make a mark on a burgeoning business set up for success. She now runs the daily operations of the restaurant, and the owners couldn’t be happier with the effort she puts in every day.

Giselle Halwani's employers, who wanted themselves and their restaurant to remain nameless, say that she has brought a new era of prosperity to their establishment with her never-ending work ethic and determination. Her first restaurant was an Italian deli near her family’s Brooklyn apartment. Despite the recent praise and high demand for her services elsewhere, she says that she wants to stay where she is. She has improved operations so completely at the restaurant that customers and food critics alike have noticed and asked after her.

Giselle Halwani Shares Five Important Restaurant Management Tips

Effectively managing a restaurant does not happen overnight, it takes planning and execution. Excellent restaurant managers don’t appear overnight as well, they have to implement strategies and principles that help them manage the restaurant and bring it to a place of success before they can be called top restaurant managers or experienced restaurant managers. Giselle Halwani has been in the restaurant management business for several years and has patiently worked her way up to the top and has become a top restaurant manager.

Manage Costs

Restaurant managers have to manage food, labor and waste costs if they want to run a successful business. You will have to maintain a detailed and accurate record of all costs to help you budget future funds and ensure profits.

Marketing Your Concept

The restaurant manager has to promote the brand if he wants to see the business succeed. There are several ways to market your concept, and finding what works best for you is important.

Ensure Product Quality

One of the biggest challenges a restaurant manager faces is ensuring that the quality of the food and service at the restaurant is always top notch. The quality of the food and the presentation of it should always be of a high standard. The success of a restaurant is highly dependent on the quality of food and services provided to its customers.

Time Management

Time is precious and restaurant managers to manage time properly. They have to balance their obligations if they want to run the business smoothly. A restaurant manager has to budget their time for ordering, receiving, inventory, scheduling, and helping on the line.

Giselle Halwani started waiting on tables at an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn while she was in school.

Giselle Halwani

Just in the United States alone there are over one million restaurants trying to market themselves and become the best restaurant in town. A successful restaurant is not just a place that provides great food and service, the interior design is also one of the important factors that contribute to a restaurant’s success. Giselle Halwani has been in the restaurant management business for several years and offers these tips.


The layout is one of the important parts of the interior design job. The interior has to be designed in a way that staff and customers do not get in the way of each other. The layout should be designed to allow customers to get to and from their table without any difficulty. To work with this, you will have to start with the layout of the table and chairs, and have it placed in a way that allows proper circulation for staff and guests.


Work on a concept that sets your restaurant apart from the others in the area. You will need to find the balance between standard expectations and unique inspiration for your restaurant. A good idea would be to take the cuisine into consideration when designing the concept for the restaurant.


The decorations you use will need to correspond with the concept you choose. You can use decorations based on the location of the restaurant. If you are based in the middle of Paris, you might want to include some historic images of Paris on the walls of the restaurant. A couple of Pablo Picasso artwork would go well for a 1950’s inspired Italian wine bar.

Giselle Halwani has worked at several top restaurants in the city of Boston and understands the importance of proper interior design for restaurants.