GitGo @ the #nvctradeshow

#BookRecorder on Twitter & Instagram

Our Goals at the TradeShow:

Sell & promote BookRecorder:

Quotes from testers on BookRecorder and video from the TradeShow on

Feedback from kids on StoryTale

Try to stand out and be the purple cow in the fair. Do something that makes people remember us.

Booth: Logo printout, Us wearing GitGo BowTies & White shirts. Books to show the puropose and Computers with the xCode on it for people to see the process. Computers showing the 1000 stages of app development.

Chairs from office...

Posters with reasons why kids should record their own/listen to audiobooks.

Activities: iPads and iPhones with BookRecorder on it for people to try. Get others to tweet and share the app on social media and they might win a PromoCode. Test StoryTale and get feedback.

Our target group: Kids (4-10 years old) with their parents, Teachers involved with iPads in education, Publishers, BookShops, Authors, Artists, People who rate apps online (Annelie Médoc or

Thoughts & ideas: Check out 20 children’s books from the library. TweetBeam for our tweets #nvctradeshow #BookRecorder. Idea canvas for the app (w.markers). Show our website ( Tweet throughout the day. TweetBeam.

Questions to people at the TradeShow:


Would you like to own a recording of yourself reading a book when you were 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 to see how much better you are today?

How much would a recording of your parents reading your favourite bedtime story to you be worth to you?
How much would it be worth to you to own a recording of your child reading their favourite book?
How much would it be worth to you to own a recording of yourself when you were 7 reading your favourite book?

Would you want your grandchild listen to you reading a bedtime story to them?

Would you like to hear your students reading progress over time?
Would you like your students to increase their comprehension, reading speed and fluency?
Would you like to build your class audiobook library for $1.99?