Greeting all you mobile gamers out there! This week's Game Giveaway is Terraria! You and all your new friends on Tackk have a chance to win this awesome $4.99 game for absolutely FREE!

This week's rules

  1. Re-Tackk this Tackk.
  2. Invite at least 3 real friends to join Tackk (who are NOT already on Tackk).
  3. Once they have joined and have a full profile, mention their @usernames in the Tackk Stream below before the end of the week (10pm EST on Friday, June 19th 2015).
  4. We'll be picking 1 group of friends (the inviter and all their invited friends) to win. The winners will be announced on Sunday, June 21st, 2015.
  5. The more friends you invite the better chance you and ALL your invited friends have to win! Good luck! ...and start inviting!

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Giveaway details: All invited friends have to be real friends you know in person, and their profile is recommended to be complete with a Name, Photo, Bio, and have you listed as a Top Friend. If more friends join after you already commented, please delete your first comment and re-post with all invited friends before the giveaway is over. When we select the winners, we will announce on the Comment Stream below and will individually Direct Stream you to get your email address so we can gift the game through the iOS App Store. Winners will receive the game with 48 hours after the announcement has been made. This giveaway is only available for users residing in the United States (because of Apple's Gifting policy).

Comment Stream

2 years ago

Cool but my chances of winning compared to everyone else is like 1in a million I retacked it but I probably won't win

2 years ago

I've chance to win bt there r many more who wants to win so i want to loose

2 years ago

Fingers crossed to win