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Red pomegranate mask

Red pomegranate essence deeply penetrate into the skin, accelerate skin repair itself, improve dark and yellow, effectively reduce melanin calm, even carry bright colours of skin, make skin natural moisturizing factor into active moisture, make skin more smooth, white and moving. With just one mask, it helps to detox, anti-oxidant, pure, anti-wrinkle, gives you youthful look, make your skin feel elastic, look fair and rosy, not only that, it will tighten your skin and look fuller.

Small advice

1. The effective of the masks depend on the person skin condition, some people will show results within 1week but others may not.
2. If you think that your skin is very sensitive and not sure if you are suitable to use the mask or not, we suggest that you try to rub bit of the essence behind your ear and wait for at least 5-10mins to see if any redness, itchness appears on you. Stop using if any abnormal reactions happens, immediately consult your doctor.

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