How I Portray Myself

in my opinion I have many sides of myself that I show off at different times. For example, being at home and being out in public are completely different environments for me. When I'm just hanging around my house there's no pressure to be someone I'm not. Being in public is a completely different story. School for example, everyone (including myself) isn't their self at school. When I'm at school I try my best to be kind. For example, I try to compliment at least three people a day. Also, I act more confident than I am but who doesn't? In conclusion, I portray myself as a jack of all traits.

My Alter-Ego

Every one has an alter-ego, even the most confident people. I feel like alter-egos are escapes from reality. Personally if I had an alter-ego "her" traits would be confident, wittier than I am now, not as sarcastic as I am and probably funny. Or my alter-ego would just be Beyoncé, she's pretty cool too. What I am trying to say is from time-to-time everyone wants robe someone else or maybe just have a different personality. Whether it's being more brave, outgoing, or less shy. Everyone wants to change themselves or in this case, have an alter-ego

How I think people see me

Legacys are a big deal and I hope to leave a good one at Allan Drive. Personally, if I could choose the legacy I left I would want my peers and teachers to remember me as a unique individual. By "unique individual" I mean not being a follower, not the "I'm gonna wear converse to grad because I'm not like other girls" kind of individual. In my opinion, I'm quite level headed and grounded. By that I mean I try to be my own person which is hard at this age with all the pressures to fit in. Another thing I've heard is that I look "mean", but in all honesty that's just my neutral face. In conclusion, leaving a legacy is a big deal, and I hope to leave a positive one.

My digital footprint

Through the eyes of my generation, social media is very important. Whether is how many likes you get or how many followers you have. Personally it doesn't bother me. I stay focused on priorities such as keeping my account safe and private. The digital footprint I wish to leave is positivity.

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