NY Apple Store: 5th Avenue

Manhattan, NY

Apple has built a store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan that is a cube/rectangular prism. The structure is made of 15 glass panes; 3 for each side. The plan was originally to include 90 panes, but they decided to simplify it so it would be easier to build and more clean looking. Since the building is just a roof for the underground store, there is no base. Because this is a rectangular prism, I know that if there were to be a base, it would have the same dimensions as the side parallel to it.

Each of the 15 panes is 10 ft wide by 32 ft high. This makes the perimeter of the base 120 ft. The prism is 32 ft tall, each side is 30 ft wide, and each side's area is 960 ft^2.

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