Missions to Space

Project mercury

in project Mercury the day that a start in 1958 was completed 1963 was don  the project Mercury   to make old tings like it was make bay 5 or 6 people  the Mercury was wen was due of the people it was make of  space of people was successfully how it was make the project Mercury.

project gemini
was name for the crew of the ctew of 2 astronauts  by the U.S.A  successful  flights in 1965 and 1966v to land to  the moon  Gemini  missions involve  the first America it was made or the  fist one of the America .

Apollo 11
Apollo 11 was one of the u.s.a  they tmake of the plases Apollo 11 of the plases it was succe people was studing in the places to  make of the Apllo 11

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