Lord of the Rings: Transformation and Revelation:

This is where Frodo is struggling to throw the ring into the Fires of Mount Doom in Mordor rather than taking the ring and becoming evil. At first he takes the ring and becomes evil, then Gollum (who at first helped Sam and Frodo) bites Frodo’s finger that had the ring in order to steal the ring. When Frodo, tries to take the ring back, he pushes Gollum and the ring down into the fire and also ends up falling and hangs dangerously on the ledge. Luckily Sam is there to pull him to safety. But the ring is destroyed in the fire. This allows Frodo to come back to the good side as now the ring has lost its power.

This is the transformation and the revelation that the ring stands for greed, power and lust and preys on Frodo especially in his weakest moments. Once he finally throws off the yoke the realizes that he can be free of the temptation becomes apparent.

Lord of the Rings is a classic good vs evil, with the protagonist being Frodo going through challenges throughout the film / book where evil tempts him in the form of the ring. The above picture demonstrates his struggle against evil. I chose it because it demonstrates both his fear and want for the power of the ring.  

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time: Transformation and Revelation:

Pokemon (anime): Transformation and Revelation:


There really is no strong connections between our characters which is fine. In interstellar and Lord of the rings the characters go through massive changes to them selves but in legend of zelda and pokemon there is little change because the characters in those medias are kept the same because they are made for long time reproduction with new episodes or games.

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