The Second War for American Independence

By: Kai Deans and Jiair Hairston

A second Standing

The war of 1812 was a very important battle for America. Some might say that it was the second war for the independence of America. Below is a quick summary for the war.

Madison's War Message

Whether the United States shall continue passive under these … accumulating wrongs, or, opposing force to force in defense of their national rights, shall commit a just cause into the hands of the Almighty Disposer of Events, … is a solemn question which the Constitution wisely confides to the legislative department of the Government. In recommending it to their early deliberations I am happy in the assurance that the decision will be worthy the enlightened and patriotic councils of a virtuous, a free, and a powerful nation.

—President James Madison, War Message to Congress Washington, June 1, 1812

Various Political Cartoons Related to the War

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