Hernando De Soto

The Superior Spanish explorer


Hernando De Soto lived from 1500 to 1592 but it is possible that he was born in 1496 and lived until 1592. Hernando left his home at the age of 14 and moved to Seville. While in Seville he went on an expedition led by Pedro Arias Davilla in 1514 that went to the West Indies.


Hernando De Soto conquered Florida for Spain in 1538. Hernando and his crew were the first Europeans to encounter the Mississippi river, they were also the first Europeans to cross the Mississippi River. He made a fortune from helping Davillia conquer the Panama and Nicaragua. Hernando was also the leading slave trader and was one of the richest men in Nicaragua by 1530.

Impact on world

Hernando De Soto actually helped our world past and present. He helped us discover the Mississippi River. Hernando also helped us discover Florida by conquering it.

De Sotos path through Florida

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