Chevy Trucks VS Ford Trucks



Ford F-150 Engine

The Ford engine has a bigger engine with a V8 rather than V6. The horse power on the Chevy is 285 @ 5300, rather than the ford with 330 @ 5500. So overall the ford has a more powerful engine.

This is the 2015 Chevy Silverado pick-up truck which starts at $26,105.

As you can see, the two trucks are both wildly popular with there sales. They are about neck and neck as to which one is more popular, yet in the most current year on the graph, the ford wins by quite a bit.

The 2015 f-150 starts at $25,420.

As far as the prices go, they are very similar. Although these prices seem very cheap, very few people will actually only have to spend this much on the trucks because the add-on's are extremely expensive. As far as speed goes, the Ford is barely faster than the Chevy, according to Motortrend on the Motortrend race track.


Overall, the Ford is the better deal, winning by a hair on all of the comparison's given here that we discussed. Many people will argue that other trucks such as the Dodge are better, or the Chevy or Toyota, but these were the two most popular trucks, with this information the Ford winning this comparison.

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