How To Be Safe On The Internet

By Tyler Messina-Katunar and Nathan Mann

Safe surfing tips and advice about safety online.

Never give out personal information without parental permission because they could come to your house and harm you and your family.Never give out your adress and telephone number online. Never agree to meet anyone you don’t know and tell your parents if anyone is asking you to meet them. Never send anyone pictures of yourself that you don’t know.

Know the risks kids face: scams and common threats.

Kids face many risks online and they have to be careful. It is very easy for them to get scammed while playing games, surfing the web or texting with friends. The first thing kids should not do is play an online game without the parent’s permission. They might end up play a game with violence or inappropriate content. Someone may be able to hack your computer also through these games. Another common threat throughout the internet is pop ups or downloading things you shouldn’t. Random pop ups on websites may come up saying that you won a free Ipad or tablet and most kids will click on it, then it these people can steal information, your parents credit or bank information, delete files and find passwords. Be very careful!

Protect yourself: Your identity, privacy, friends, etc.

Many people on the internet want to find information like the place where you live, the amount of money you have, and even learn when you will be away to rob your home but there is ways to protect yourself from these thieves online.Some others want to harm you personally, pretend they are someone so they can gain your trust and then harm you. One of the many ways they find out how to get your information is by social websites like facebook, Snapchat and more. First of all you could start by not telling anyone you don’t know where you live, your last name and your age. You should also not reveal your passwords for your computer and reveal too much on social sites. Another thing to remember is to never trust anybody you just met online because they may just be trying to get personal information or worse harm you.

Social networking tips for teens

You should never make fun of people on the internet because if the police see it you will be in a lot of trouble but more importantly it is wrong. Many people harm themselves because people bully them, BULLYING IS EVEN ILLEGAL.

Other Ideas Related To Safety Online

If you have a desktop computer when you are done using your computer put a sticky note on your camera so that if somebody hacks into your computer they will not be able to see you through your computer. Always save your work when you are done. Never give your password to anyone except your mother and father.


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