The Summary of Holocaust


Antisemitism is the act of hating Jews or being racial towards them. The Holocaust is the best example of Antisemitism. A German journalist by the name of Wilhelm Marr made the fact that it started when a hatred for Jews during the 19th and 18th century. But also hatred towards Jewish trends of things.

In reality, the most hatred for Jews was in the Modern Era when people would start Pograms ( violent riots against Jews ) which were usually pushed into the world by the government frequently. Most of the rioters were blood libels which were people who believed that the Jews used blood of Christians for rituals.

This continued all the way to when the Nazi's rise to power started in 1933. This started events such as Anti-Jewish boycotts, book burning and one of the worst, Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht). This was when Nazi's destroyed synagogues and destroyed shops owned by Jewish men all throughout Germany and Austria. This was the start of the terrorist actions of the Nazi's.

Nazi Camps

Through 1933 and 1945 Nazi Germany made over 20,000 camps to imprison Jews. The camps were made to punish the Jews. The use of the camps includes,  forced Jew work, stay at moving centers, and they had killing centers which is pretty self explanatory. Since the Nazi rise to power they had built many detention centers used to keep prisoners or even distinguish the "enemy". Early camps imprisoned people such as German Communist, Socialist, Social Democrats, Gypsies, Jenovahs Witnesses, and Homosexuals. These were called Concentration Camps because the imprisoned were concentrated in one place most of the time.

After Germany had taken over Austria, they started finding and taking German and Austrian Jews and placing them in Concentration camps such as, Dachau, Bunchenwald, and Sachsenhausen which were all located in Germany.

After Germany had taken over Poland in 1939, they opened up forced-labor-camps were most worked till death. They either died of starvation, exhaustion, or exposure to a disease. The camps were heavily guarded by SS Units and the number of concentration camps increased rapidly during World War 2.

Killing Centers were formed as a "final solution"

The Involvement of the U.S

It wasn't the U.S's goal to save Jews and other targets during World War 2.

The U.S did not like the things Nazi Germany was doing so they told them that they will be held responsible for there actions and that it wouldn't be pretty. The U.S even pressed this on their most popular news-paper New York Times. Saying what the U.S would do and what the Nazi's were calling the "final solution". This outraged many and wanted something done.

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