Desiree Ann Nicole Pulliam

My favorite color is blue I like to dance a lot. The people I live with is Dashawn, Dante, Me, Dionna, Damarious. I live with my mom and I sometimes see my dad but, not that much. I miss my half sister I barely don't see her that much or text her either. I like cute design like zebra print, Cheetah. My favorite music artist is Ariana Grande, Trey Songz, Chris brown, Nicki Minaj and I also like rap music.

My favorite thing to do

I love to dance like when ever I get home me and my sister do a lot of dancing we do hip hop dances and we do tap, jazz, lyrical routines and other dances. My mom have me do dance like in Elk Valley Elementary School I don't remember what grade I did it in but I really like it so much. But, I decided to quit cause it was getting really hard and difficult. Then I change my mind so I wanted to do dance again this year.

Three Things About Me

I love pizza every time if my family can't figure out what to eat we I say pizza and then we just eat that with crazy bread. My second favorite thing is to play the Xbox 360 with my sister we like mostly play it like everyday after school and during the weekends too. My third favorite thing to do is sleeping cause I sometimes sleep when i'm bored at home.

Things I like To Do

I love riding my bike a lot cause its a really good excersize for my legs and plus get me places where I need to be. One thing I don't like bikes that much because they always break down easily its really annoying and cost a lot of money to get one.


Air heads are my favorite candy cause they come into all kinds of flavors. Other reason why I like them cause they have really good taste in them too.


What i'm trying to accomplish this year is trying to pass grades and get an honor cause when you get good grades you can go to college and get a good job. My second goal i'm trying to accomplish is getting into dance class cause I want to compete against other students that are good as me. My last goal i'm trying to accomplish is graduating cause I will probably go to college maybe and I need to get a job.

Where I Would Love To Go

The place I would like to go is New York City because I want to go shopping there and get new clothes from another state/city.

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