Catche in the Rye
Jimmy Aguirre

Chapter 1 & 2

"I have a lousy vocabulary and partly because I act quite young for my age sometimes. I was sixteen then, and I'm seventeen now, and some times I act like I'm about thirteen."

Chapter 3 & 4

"For once in my stupid life, I was really glad to see him. He took my mind off the other stuff" (39)

This quote relates to the theme of community because this proves that Holden is surrounded by people who he does not really respect. This shows this because his roommate, Ackley, was somebody who really did not respect because Holden is the type of person who does have an attitude with people. It is not that the community around him is particularly bad, it is just the outlook that Holden has on them more than anything. When Ackley enters into their dorm, he automatically starts to critizcize who he is and what type of person he his.

Chapter 5 & 6

Since the beginning of the book, Holden has come off as a callous kind of guy due to his lack of care in the world. In these chapeters, Holden has definitely reasured his lack of care in the world. I say this because of the irrelevant fight between him and  Stradlater. This fight was pointless because of Holder first throwing a punch that was not tangible for a unimportant reason. Unfortuantly for Holden, strandlater was a big guy who was trenchant and dangerous. Even though Holden attempted to abjure the big blow that busted his nose, he was still not successful. After being hit, Holden did not get up until stradlater had left the room to go look at his face. He explains to be a little frightened, but also feeling tough.

Chapter 7

Does Holden actually like Ackley, even though he does not respect him?

Chapter 8

Is Holden corny because he has a Pencey prep sticker on his bag or does he only criticize other people.

Chapter 9

Is Holden showing feelings for his family in this chapter or only his younger sister?

Chapter 10

Does Holden like every girl he sees? Or even find a way to like them

Chapter 11

Does Holden have real feelings for Jane Gallagher or only like a friend?

Chapter 12

Why are the cab drivers becoming defensive when Holden brings up the Ducks?

Chapter 13

What makes Holden rethink the choice of making a prostitute come to his house?

John Green main points

John green explains how Holden is basically terrified of time because he feels as if it is going to adult hood, and how it is truly corrupted. He thinks this because he does not believe in himself for all of the responsibilities that adulthood brings. Holden thinks this because  he has already dropped out of multiple high schools, so he cannot survive in a high school, how is he going to make it in the real world? John green also brings up how Holden, whenever he starts a sentence talking to somebody else, he always tell them to listen. Holden seems to always say this because Holden is basically a rebellious teenager who thinks he is alone with his problems. But in his case, nobody is actually listening to him. Maybe that is why he is so interested in jane and his sister because they are the only characters who seem to listen to him and his problems.

Chapter 14

Was Holden regretting that he told sunny to leave?

Chapter 15

Did Holden actually want to see Sally?

Chapter 16

Why is Holden so interested in the nuns?

Chapter 17

Is Holden easily influenced by beauty?

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