Careers - Final Project


I’ve learned a lot over the course of this semester. This class has actually taught me so much, as in how a job interview should go (a professional one).

For assignment #1 we told about ourselves, this was the beginning of the semester, and you didn’t really know us. So, obviously, you wanted to get to know us.

We had a cover letter, which taught me how to set up an interview (possibly) for a company. We started out polite, as you’re supposed to do in any letter going to an employer. You tell them that you heard about the position, and if it was possible in any way for you to get an interview in.

We also had to search an entrepreneur, to learn about stocks, and what not.

We learned how to write a resumé, you really need those for an interview as well.

We learned about work place health and safety, what your supposed to do and not do. As in, your supposed to follow rules at all times and if you don’t do something a certain way and you get hurt, it’s on you because you didn’t follow the guidelines.

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