The Early Korean's were nomadic people from northeastern Asia. Like Japan they formed villages and clans. They had many Chinese influences as well like Chinese writing , political institutions, etc.
Korea was controlled by the Chinese Han Dynasty for a some time.  After breaking free it was controlled by 3 rival kingdoms. The rulers of one of these kingdoms, Silla, allied with the Chinese for a while but then turned on them later.
The Silla kingdom weakened and by 935 rebels defeated it and founded the Koryo dynasty. It lasted until 1392. The Koryo continued to adopt Chinese culture but later formed its own distinct culture. Korean artist's created pottery covered with blue green glaze called celadon. It was beautiful and highly prized. In the 1200's the mongols invaded Korea and the dynasty was weakened. This continued until Korea rebelled in 1392 and founded a new dynasty.

This is Celadon Artwork

How to make Celadon Artwork

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