plate tectonics!!
by: Adin Boyd  

so, we start of like this: just what are plate tectonics? discovered in 1915 by Alfred wegner, who wondered why the heck we had earthquakes & volcano eruptions and all that "bad stuff." that was probably plate tectonics's greatest moment! since 1915, the history of plate tectonics has come remarkably far. lets use volcanoes as an examples: around 7 A.D. MT Vesuvius erupted. no one went up on the volcano to see why it erupted. Everyone thought it was Vulcan, the guy who lived in the volcano. Today, in modern times, we have special tools to watch these plate tectonics and warn as many people as they can before something very,VERY bad happens. But sometimes people don't listen to these warnings. And sooo...... this was my tackk on tectonics. seeya next time, tackkers!! bye                                     

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