Seeing from others' perspective

Seeing the world from others' eyes can make you have a great appreciation for what they do. You might take what they do for granted and never realize the struggle they go through on a daily basis. You look at farmers and you may think that there is not much to it. They just plant seeds and watch them grow but most farmers work more than one job to support  their family. Same with fishermen, they risk their lives to catch fish for people to eat but get little to none recognition.

farming in america

When you buy food at the grocery store, do you really think about the struggle that someone went through to get the food in the store. Being a farmer in America is more difficult than ever because more and more food is shipped in from other countries. The farms that are still in America are being automated so there is no need for farmers to work the fields. Family owned farms are being sold because they cannot afford to expand or automate their farms. In fact, 91% of farm families rely on multiple sources of income (why you don't). The farming business is extremely reliant on credit for buying land, combines, seeds, and fertilizer. One bad storm can wipe out a family's farm and put them in large amounts of debt so they cannot pay for the materials needed for next year's crops(thehandthatfeedsus). Farming is extremely risky because it is so reliant on nature, this leads to many farmers switching to jobs with more stability. Shopping local can help improve the farming community in your area.

fishing in america

Unlike farming, fishing requires you to find and catch fish which can be very difficult. Finding fish to catch has been increasing in difficulty so more and more ships are in the ocean increasing the amount of pollution in the water. Lots of large fishing companies have switched to using large nets which create bycatching or the catching of anything other than the target fish(commercial fishing). This bycatching is one of the main reasons for the decline of dolphin and turtle population. Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the US. Between 2000 and 2010 an annual average of 46 people died in commercial fishing accidents(centers for disease control). Over fishing is extremely prevalent. In fact, there were six times the fish in the oceans in 1900 than in 2009(koster). This constant destruction of the fish population will affect the entire ocean because there are so many organisms that rely on the fish above and below them on the food chain.


Next time you look to buy food think about the lives that where affected trying to make it for you. You can help these farmers and fishermen by shopping local and help support the local farmers in your community. Seeing things from others eyes should not just just be for farmers and fishermen but all people that you meet.

Do you actually think about the people that gather your food? Do you ever try to shop local and support your local farmers?

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