The most famous building in Mexico is the *TORRE MAYOR* in the mexico city. your address is number 505 between the avenue *Paseo de la Reforma*. Was inaugurated on march 2013. building has 59 levels, 4 basement and a helipad.
is visited for the important people with much money, they pay for the services as gym, restaurant, bar, spa, business center, audience and suites of loadging. It has the world record for being the only skyseraper in the world that has not had any serious accidents or deaths during construction.


Hello, I live in Mexico in a house in the east side of Victory, My address is colonia lucio blanco, avenue Hacienda las Borregas.

My house have five rooms, 1 kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 living room and 2 bathrooms.

My house is near of the 77 infantry battalion and hospital.

My house is modern or new.

I live with my mother and brothers, In really I like this place beacause is difficult live, for the delinquency, but is is a good place. the best of all is proximity with the oxxo, gasoline service and the hospital.

I love my house because is has some rooms for sleep, and I have a room just for me.

The view is very good, you can see the whole city.

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