By: Brooklyn James

The religion in Botswana is huge there are Christians,Muslims,Hindus,Chinese folk,Buddhist,Sikhs,Jews,Bahasa,Jain,Shintoist and Taoism.

Botswana flag!!

Botswana is in Africa.
Imports = 3.931 billion F.O.B
Exports = 5.127 billion F.O.B.

Two types of non-Compatible plugs; need adapters for both.

The Anthem name: Fatshe Leno La Rona -Blessed be this noble landGift to us from god strong hand. Heritage our fathers left to us. May it always be at peace.
Always awake omen Awake and women close beside them stand. Together we’ll work and serve This happy land word of beauty and of fame for the nation of Botswana. Through our unity and harmony will remain at peace as one.

1 Botswana pula equals = 0.11 Cents in the $U.S currency

$300 for 2 bedrooms
$590 for 3 bedrooms
$200 for 1 bedrooms
$1200 for 5 bedrooms

2.0004 million people in Botswana.

Language= Tswana and english.

Best time to travel is September,March,April and May.

passport is valid in Botswana for 6 months and 91 days, Also children over one in Botswana need to get vaccinated before leaving Botswana. Tourist visa are required if you don't have a visa you can only stay for 90 days. Holders of a passport do not need Visa to visit Botswana for up to 90 days.

-very high.
-experiencing heavy rain floods
  - people refusing to move to drier land.

~ Full name is Republic of Botswana.

~ many horrible events happen here.

~`Although Botswana is the 144th largest country.

Population in Botswana 2,029,307

~ Capital Gaborone

~ Time difference 1:04 Pm in KS. 8:04 Pm in Botswana

~Goverment Parliamentary Republic

~ seswaa a famous dish in Botswana

~ Climate Rainfall high some days clear and sunny

~males live to about 53yrs of age & women live to about 52 one yr diffrence

One of the poorest country's in the world with a Gopher capital of about  US $70 per year in the late 1960's. Botswana has been since transform per capital now of about $16,400 per year since 2013.

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