The City of Ember

A Book Review By LM

    I recently read The City of Ember, the first book in the Books of Ember series by Jeanne DuPrau, and I really liked it. The city of Ember is an underground city that assigns work to citizens that are 12 years old, and they keep their job for the rest of their lives. Eleven-year-old Lina Mayfleet desperately wants to become a messenger for the city, but she draws Pipeworks laborer instead, meaning that she will have to work in all of the damp, underground tunnels of Ember. Doon Harrow draws messenger, and asks Lina to trade jobs with him. Doon wants to become a laborer, because he believes that he can fix the underground generator that will give them electricity. For as long as anyone could remember, Ember had been in a blanket of darkness. How did the city of Ember become in the state it is? Will Doon be able to fix the generator?  Where will the endless tunnels of the Pipeworks lead Lina and Doon?