Oil Spill Project by Warren Barge

The oil spill in the pacific had me scared there for a moment. I knew it was almost impossible to find out the area of the oil spill by trying to find out the area of the whole thing all at once so what I did was line on the map of the different shapes that could be measured one by one. I then added all the measurements up to get the grand total of the whole area of the oil spill.

After doing the work of finding out the area of each individual shape I added them all up to get 28,524.6963.

After looking back at the project I believe that I gave good estimate of the area of the oil spill but I believe that it is not a exact estimate by any means. I also believe that even if it was exact it would not be a good estimate now because the oil spill may have shrank or grown from when I measured it. Another question I have about the oil spill is how think it is and how many gallons of oil was spilled. This could effect if it keeps on expanding or stays where it is right now

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