My Journal


Name: Ali Hill
Age: 23
State live in: Rhode Island
Date: April 14, 1865
Live with: Conner Hill (husband) serves in New York, and Josie Hill(daughter)

Day 1

   April 15, 1865,
times and activities

9:00 a.m. : I have to take Josie to the babysitters
9:15 a.m. : Union Meeting
11:05 a.m. : Raise money for the Union
11:50 a.m. : Butcher shop

1:00 p.m. :  Look at the newspaper to see whats going on in the current battle
3:45 p.m. : Wash clothes in creek
7:30 p.m. : Pick josie up from babysitters
8:00 p.m. : Make dinner

Day 2

April 16, 1865

Dear Conner,

     I hope your doing okay. I want you to respond to this letter once you get it, I need to know your okay. Josie said she misses you, how is the battle going so far? I've been going to the Union Meetings and trying to keep up in the newspapers of what's going on. I heard over 100 people have died so far, I hope your okay. Make sure you are safe, and I'll see you when you get back. Love you

Day 3

April 17, 1865
Today I went to raise money for medical equipment, the nurses need help. I also started a food drive and had people send food to where the union soldiers are stationed. I made a newspaper story to tell people how everyone is doing okay.

Day 4

April 18, 1865

Dear Ali,

      I miss you, the days are long, and nights are longer. It was hard, I watched my own friend get shot in the leg and I couldn't move to help him. I think he is okay, he had to go to the nurses station. I cut my leg on a medal plate, and got an infection. I am okay though. How is Josie doing? Tell Josie I said hello. I just finished The BAttle of Shiloh, I'm okay. I love you guys.


My reaction was so excited to know that he was okay, Josie was excited too. I hope the infection doesnt catch up with him though.

Day 5

April 19, 1865

        Today I found out that President Lincoln was assinated 5 days ago. News travels slow, I cant believe he was shot. Whoever that was, should be put in jail. Civil War ended, and then someone shoots him. Abraham Lincoln’s killer, John Wilkes Booth, was an actor, but also a confederate spy.

       Josie doesn't understand that the president is dead, I tried to explain, but she didn't really seem to care. Me on the other hand, I can't even believe what happened. Booth slipped into the box and fired his .44-caliber single-shot derringer into the back of Lincoln’s head, and lincoln dropped his chest over the side of the balcony. Then booth jumped over the side, his foot got caught to the flag, and he broke his leg.

       Now that President Lincoln is dead, people are going crazy, no one knows what to do. I still haven't really processed in my mind, that he is dead. A lot of people keep making up stories about how he died, but I know the real reason.

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