Scholarship Persuasive Essay

By: Imani Alexander

Do you ever wonder  how the world would be with a bad people ? People now tend to give out the wrong ideas which  causes people to be bad.If the world only had bad people then it  will be hard to maintain goodness and safety for the good.

If there is good people it can over power the bad people. The over power of bad people means that the good people will be protected because the bad people are least likely going to be in jail.Good people such as police , fire man , and more  help  maintain safety to the people in the city.The more good people there is means there less bad people.

The  reason for bad and good people are to maintain  balance in the world. if there a lot of bad people the good  people don't feel safe . Since in this case there is more bad people than good there is a lot more crimes.

There is a percent of people that don't care about the balance of good and bad people.They don't feel safe not matter what. An there are some people that don't  care  what happens.

In conclusion if the world was filled with bad people then there would be crimes happening form left  to right  and one after another.There needs to be a balance amount of good and bad.The society should make sure the is a police an a certain area  to watch the area.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom I may concern,

I would like to recommend Maria Reyes as a candidate for a position with your office. In her position as a cardiologist. Maria was a perfect employee and was a blessing to have in my business.

Maria has excellent leadership and communication skills.She is very organized and is able to get the job done when told. You will only have to ask her once.

During her term in my company ,Maria was very responsible for making sure patients were in good hands and had everything they needed.The employees around Maria were responsible for what needed to be done. Maria is always on schedule ,she has amazing time management skills.

Maria is always willing to help people around her. She is very asset person to everyone and I recommend her for any aspire she would like to follow.

Yours Truly ,

Imani Alexander

Imani Alexander

Cover letter/Letter of Intent

Alexander , Imani Kenya

12363 Dream Catcher Drive

Melbourne , Florida  32935

May 18th, 2015

Angel Gray Portrait and Wedding Photographer


1540 Highland Ave.

Melbourne FL 32935

Dear Angel Gray,

I feel like I would be good for your open position as being a  photographer because when  I was in  8th grade I took this class and all through high school. I took Journalism which taught  me  how to get good lighting in your photos , how the camera works, and  etc. I hope that my experience in the class will be helpful in my career choice , and I learned more information over the years.The more years I took Journalism the more knowledge I had for  your open position.

I would like my target goal  to be to  improve and assist with photography to the best of my abilities.My past job have given me all the knowledge i need to know to get my spot on your team of photographers.I will also like to prove tips and tricks that you didn't know. I been told that I improved a lot of over the  years and should be  a photographer and decided to try it.

Thank you for your time. I will be grateful  to get accepted for the position you are offering.I look forward to the opportunities this position will give me.

If you need more information contract me at (303)363-9123.

Yours Truly,

Imani Alexander

Imani Alexander


Imani Aleander

(303) 363 -9123

12363 Dream Catcher Drive


I want to succeed in a  stimulating and  fun environment that will  provide  me with  great opportunities and I want a highly rewarded career where I can impression my skills and knowledge.    


Lujan Chavez (2004-2011)

Perfect Attendance and other awards

Sun Ridge (2012-2014)

A/B honor most of the years one on c award for softball

Pebble Hills (2014- present)

accepted  into avid . Did  amount 20 hours of community service accepted into NJHS


Babysitting : my mom friends son or daughters when needed



changing diapers

helping with homework

making snacks

getting the kids ready to bed


Communication skills

Leadership skills

Collaborating skills

Organization skills

Job Application