Causes of the Revolutionary


During the French and Indian War two sides fought each other for more land one side was the French and the other one was the British while they were fighting a couple of indians in the war some were with the French and a lot were with the british. When the war was over the British claimed most of canada and most of the U.S now there are really high money that need to be paid which equals 30 billion dollars today.


after the French and Indian War many British moved west into the land that Britain won from the French.Native Americans were afraid that this movement of settlers would destroy their way of life.Some of them tried  to drive the settlers away by attacking their forts and houses.In 1763,nearly 2,000 died because of the fighting.To stop the fighting and to protect the colonists,Britain announced a law called the  Proclamation of 1763.The law said that Native American could have all the land in the west of the Appalachian Mountains and that settlers could not move there.The colonists dislike this law.Many of them simply ignored it and continue to move to the west.Even more of them didn't like the way how Britain was trying to control the colonies.


The British government left thousands of solders in the colonies to protect the colonists after the French and Indian War.The British were afraid that Native Americans or Spanish settlers in Florida might attack the colonies.Britain thought that the colonist should help to pay for this army.As a result in 1765,a new law called the Quartering Act was passed by  the British Parliament.The law was called the Quartering Act because it order the colonist to provide "quarters" for the British solder.It also order them to supply the solders with food,fuel,and candles,and to provide them with transportation.The colonist were angry about the Quartering Act.They didn't want to pay for British troops staying in the colonies.Many colonist treated the soldiers badly.


After fighting the French and Indian War,Britain needed money to pay the debts.Britain also needed to pay the soldiers who remained in America.British leaders thought that the colonist should help pay for the troops who were were protecting them.So in 1765 Parliament passed a new tax law called the Stamp Act.The Stamp Act said that the colonist would have to pay a tax on printed papers.To prove that the tax was paid,almost every piece of printed paper have to show a large blue stamp.Newspapers pamphlets,marriage licenses,and playing cards were taxed.News of this new tax made the colonist furious.They didn't want to pay more money for things they used everyday,especially since the money went to the British government.But they were even angrier because they had no say in making the law.


In 1770,the colonist were still angry that British soldiers were living in their towns and cities.They thought the soldiers were rowdy and rude.Also,they were upset when the soldiers took jobs away from them by working for low pay in their spare time.The soldiers weren't happy either.They were far from their homes.Not getting along with the colonist only making their job more difficult.As time went on,the relationship between the soldiers and colonist became worse.Things especially tense in the city of Boston because at a store were some soldiers work at,a guard waiting out side got attacked by a mob of people throwing rocks and chunks of ice at him Captain Thomas Preston and seven other soldiers rushed to the soldiers side to help him the Capt Thomas Preston order not to fire their muskets then one of the soldiers heard the word fire and fired his musket to the angry mob of people then the angry mob of people moved toward the soldiers all the other soldiers fired at the mob of people five people laid dead and others injured the mob of people ran away and nobody knew what happened next while the soldiers rested.


After the Boston massacre the British government put all the unpopular taxes on the colonist except the tax on tea because the colonist love tea so the British sent a whole entire ship full of tea to Boston  but it lasted a while until the a group of men dressed as Indians aboard the ship and dump hundreds of boxes full of tea into the open sea water and about 90000 into the open sea water.