Aztec Empire

The land of Aztec was big the temples were huge and they had a good military. They were defeated by Hernan Cortês who had invaded Mexico and killed off the Aztecs. But just like any other empire Aztec had their rise and they also had their fall. They had pretty average weapons like bow and arrows, spears, clubs, and lastly sling.

The expansion/ territory of the Aztecs

Timeline of events that happened in the empire of Aztec

This is how the men and women dressed in the empire of Aztec. The men wore cloth that covered their private area and the girls dressed in either ragged dresses down to their ankles or cloth that covered at least the higher leg.

What they ate

They ate corn straight off of the cob and they also ate tamales to fulfill their hunger

How they got food

They got food by growing all of the vegetables in order to get their corn and in order to get the ingredients for tamales.  

What their warriors looked like

This is how Aztec soldiers look in this time period.

How did they keep time

Their wasn't a way to keep time it was a philosophy of time .

How they built their empire

Some of the slaves or indentured slaves had to do labor in order to be set free so for years they were building this temple.

What kind of stories they told

They told stories about how the world came to be and how things were originated and where everything came from they told myths that were passed down from generation to generation.

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