Oil Spill Project

(1.)         Looking at my sectioned polygons from my map I think my area is not exact of the total area of the spill because I don't think you could get an accurate answer without measuring it your self in real life. Due to it being liquid it would not be able to keep it shape so the answer would vary day by day. Also, not all of my polygons have straight edges so the answer would vary.

(2.)         I think the accurate area of the spill is more than my answer because due to the oil being in water (like I explained in my last answer) the oil would be expanding day by day so the real life answer will be growing each day.


                I got  27,131.25 miles total  for the entire spill area.


              I approached the problem by trying to see the shapes within it ( visualize). So, I started out by identifying the easy shapes that were easy to make out with in the layout of the oil spill. So I started in the center and then worked my way out. But, I also had to be cautious to make sure my measurements were accurate.



                                                  Evidence of work

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