by Riley Davison in Core 4

About Meditation

The first activity we did yesterday was just a basic meditation, while deep breathing, relaxing, and having good posture. Then we added the mantra, aum, when we exhaled. The next meditation activity we did was a guided meditation when Mr. Halkuff read us a story, and we imagined it in our minds. The last activity we did was a sleeping meditation, and the lady told us to imagine a big wave coming across our body and all our body parts getting heavy.

I wasn't so sure I would be able to keep quiet while we were meditating before we started yesterday. During the activities I wasn't really thinking of anything, except when we did the guided meditation. While we were doing the guided meditation I was imagining the things in the story. I would try meditating again because it was very relaxing. I think if I were to meditate daily it would relieve a lot of my stress from school and sports.


Meditation: relaxing, deep breathing, and sitting comfortably

Mantra: a word or sound you make when you are meditating

Deep Breathing: breathing heavy and repeatedly while you are mediating or relaxing

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