Location of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is an island nation in Oceania, located partially on the island of New Guinea, and partially on several other islands (New Ireland, New Britain, Bougainville, and Manus Island) in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. The country of Papua New Guinea is the Oceania continent and the latitude and longitude for the country are 5.9054° S, 147.4080° E on the geographical map. The neighboring countries are Australia, Federated States of Micronesia, Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia.

President Of Papua New Guinea

The prime minister of Papua New Guinea is Peter O'Neill. He was born on February 13 1965. He is 49 years of age. Peter was a businessman before entering politics. He is the leader of the People's National Congress and represents the constituency of lailbu-Pangia. He has been in office since February 27 2012- August 6 2012.  His political party is People's National Congress Party. Peter has no term limit as a president.

Government of Papua New Guinea

  • Papua New Guinea's government is a monarchy with parliamentary democracy. The governor is Micheal Ogio. The Head Of State is Queen Elizabeth II. The government of Papua New Guinea considers it'self as a Commonwealth government, which means the government is founded on law and united by compact of the people for the common good. Papua New Guinea is ruler by a dictator. This country is run by a church. This is called Ecclesiastical.

Population Of Papua New Guinea

The population in Papua New Guinea is currently 7.321 million people and still rising. The population in 5.379 million people in the year 2000. The current gross domestic product or GDP is now 15.29 billion. The life expectancy for people in Papua New Guinea is 62.30 years per person.

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