By Andrew More

Argentina is located in South America, and it's capital is

The exchange rate for 1 U.S. dollar is 8.62 Argentine Pesos.

The Imports and Exports

wheat is Argentina's main export and it other exports are crops like soybeans, corn, and soybean oil.

The main imports of Argentina are food, fuel, and energy

Major Cities in Argentina

Buenos Aries is the largest city in Argentina and it is also it's capital Buenos Aries has around 15.5 million people living there.

Córdoba, is the second largest city in Argentina with 1.3 million people living there.

Rosario is the third largest city in Argentina, 1,276,000 people living there.

Some Main Tourist Attractions in Argentina

Iguazu Falls is taller and twice as wide as Niagara Falls, and is a very popular tourist attraction

Los Glaciares National Park is also a very popular tourist attraction.

Mount Fitz Roy is also a very popular tourist destination.

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