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  • close to the whistle, the roar of thunder stronger, full power, lightning Zhipi lair, 1 minute 14 second, the Thunder lead to 93 than 92, nike air max thea mens suddenly angry grizzly bear that was clicked, Miller cast a crucial three points, to 95 than 93 pulled, grizzly bear with open mouth always bite the score, when the needle points to 14 seconds, seeing gray Xiong Shengli sight, thunder lightning fleeting, but, in almost lying Durant moment the ball hit the third shot

Also throws a minute, the score 99:97, differing only 2 points Grizzlies, Thunder begin roaring force together and lightning, storm Grizzlies basket, nike roshe run fb yeezy leopard not in a cast another vote on the whistle When the gong sounded, the Thunder buzzer divided up into two sides to draw into overtime. End of the game there are  18.1 seconds, the Thunder want complete reversal difficult, however, in respect of personal heroism NBA, always able to have a hero to come forward, which is a Durant! Wei less attack the ball, ready to ball to Durant, but do not nike roshe run print women's want Tony Allen fast response, almost complete deadly steals the ball Wei less in panic allocated corner of Durant

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