Check Writing 101

- The check amount is written twice on a check to verify the amounts. The bank will question the validity of the check if both amounts don't match
- When writing out dollar amounts in words, write the amount as you would say it. For example $1,350 is written as one thousand three hundred fifty. The word dollar is at the end of the line so no need to write it.
-You don't need to use the word "and" after thousand or hundred.
-Only write the dollar amount in words on the line. Any amount less than a dollar is written as a fraction. For example 21.59 is written: twenty-one and 59/100
-To discourage anyone from modifying your written amount, fill in the line completely. Add a wavy line to the right of the amount if necessary to the end of the line. Do the same after the payee's name so no other name can be added to the check.