Design Mix

Harvinder Basra

These are the new Nike Flyknit Trainer. Although Nike create millions of trainers a year, these are a little more special. This is because they feature Nike's Flyknit technology. They are made for structure, support, and a precision fit that is able to create the feeling of a second skin. They also include areas of stretch, breathability and support exactly where the runner needs it.


The function of these new Nike technology shoes are very clear. They make running feel as if you were running on clouds. This is to keep the runner from injures and to help their feet feel relaxed to encourage them to continue running. Their functions are fantastic and appeal to many people.


The one thing that would be able to put off the customer is the price. The price varies from £70 - £155. The only people that would actually purchase these trainers and use them a lot are athletes and professional runners. The technology used and what they are capable of doing is fantastic and this would be able to pull the customer back to them. However, due to so much competition in the market for high quality running shoes, Nike must keep their prices reasonable as well as to stay in the game with the others.


The last thing that would be able to pull the customer the back is the appearance. As me, most people enjoy buying things that look good that would be able to impress people as well as your friends. These trainers come in many different colours and you are also able to customise them on Nike's official website however the price would start to vary. Nike also don't just market these towards athletes. Its to anyone who are after comfortable footwear. For example, Nike AirMax were developed and marketed towards people who wanted to run, so almost another product mix of running shoes and now, the vast majority of people wear it for the comfortably and styles.  

Overall, I think Nike have done well creating technology as this and it is available in the market. This product should win because Nike have been able to pass nanotechnology and have made shoes that adapt to the customers feet and yet make it feel incredibly comfortable 'as a second skin.'