I'm on the field as I'm dribbling the ball down I fake pass left. Than is just me and the goalie. Soccer is so much fun. In this tackk I will tell you how to play offence deference how to dribble and shoot    



In soccer if you cant dribble you cant play. First you need to know how to do a inside dribble. For the inside dribble you slightly kick the ball with the inside of your foot. Then a outside kick this is not something you have to be able to do but its good to know how to do. Its almost the same just use the other side of you foot.   


When you shoot aim. Don't shoot to the center of the goal shoot to the left or the right. Another thing is fine a spot on the bottom of the ball and use the inside of your foot up closer to your toes and kick it unlike dribbling you can kick hard.  


When your playing offence your shooting and passing. You need to run up and down the field. As your running you need to pass (no one likes a ball hog). When your running and passing if your teammate is to the left of you kick with your right and the opposite if their on the right.     


Your the assistant goal keeper. Just don't use your hands. Your job is to stop the ball from getting to the goal. You don't shoot but you do block shots, so your still a super helpful part of the game.  


So that's why you should play soccer. This tackk has shown you how to dribble, shoot, play defense, and offence. I hope now you want to get on the field and play.   


Goal Keeper: The player who defends the goal.   
Field: The ground you play on.

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