Atomic discoveries of Schrodinger and heisenberg.

Wave mechanics & uncertainty principle.

1925   -   wave mechanics

Austrian physicist   Erwin Schrodinger   formed a model of a complete atom as interacting waves. The particles became like vibrations on a violin string, only they were closed in circles. His partial differential equation seemed to bear a similar relation to the mechanics of the atom as Newton's equations of motion bear to planetary astronomy.1926
German physicist   Werner Heisenberg   formulated his  uncertainty principle which says that you cannot know by measurement the position and momentum of a particle simultaneously. The better you know one, the worse you know the other. Such uncertain aspects of the microscopic world become ever more severe, as the distance and time scales on which they are considered to become ever smaller.Schrodinger random facts-(b. Vienna, Austria, 12 August 1887; d. Alpbach, Austria, 4 January 1961)

Heisenberg's random facts- Born: December 5, 1901

W├╝rzburg, Germany
Died: February 1, 1976

Munich, Germany

received Nobel prize in 1932 for physics.

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