financial literacy project:

job and salary

The job I picked was a physical therapist .I picked to be a physical therapist because I  like to help people and seeing the look on there face would make my day even better!!My salary is about 62000!!

yearly income/monthly income:
* Your  yearly income will be around 62,000.
I found it by dividing my gross in come by 15%[gross in come is the whole amount before deducting taxes].

Monthly income:
*Your monthly income will be around 5,166.67 I found my monthly income by deviding my gross income by 12%.

Savings for the month:
My monthly savings is  $439.10 I found my monthly savings by dividing my yearly savings by 12

For my house I picked a 466sqft 1 bedroom 1 bath home because I new that the studio was not my style but I did not need a big 2 bedroom apartment so I stayed reasonable and picked a 1 bedroom 1 bath  every month I pay 747 with utilities added to find that I multiplied 4,391.67 by 0.35.

For a car I picked a ford fiesta because I did not want to  drive a moter cycle around town and I did not want to drive a mustang I personaly do not like them and I would usally pick a truck but its not worth it because it is only me and there would be so much extra room to not be used. to find my monthly car payment I x 4,391.67. By 0.15

  Grocery list
• Bulk 2 pack of water $3.98 a piece   
• jumbo pack of cereal  $8.98
• Bulk  Pack of salads  $14.99
• Bulk pack of Snapple $39.99
• three pack of mint Oreos $8.94
•bulk pack of  variety chips
• nutella $3.48
• butter $2.98
• pigs in a blanket $9.48
• milk $2.98
• veggie oil $2.28
• Hot fries 7.00 (5 packs)
•gushers $9.97
•bannnana $2.47
•peach $3.98
•carets $2.29
•kewi 3.24
•pizza $4.89
•prow teen bars $5.78
•  protein shakes $17.98
•vidamans $8.99
• peanut butter $2.94
• bulk gatorade 47.01
•bulk eggs
•  yogurt $13.99
• spices pack $34.99
•flour bulk $9.99
•bulk sugar $2.32
•trash bags bulk $14.98
•tolet paper bulk $9.99
•paper towels bulk $5.74
•sweet tea bulk $6.80
•hambuger meat $8.99
•Hamburger paddies $2.47

savings $939.17
housing $627.00
utilities $120.00
car payment $224.00
car indurance $65.00
gas $120.00
groceries $491.30
clothing $305.47
entertainment: $3,000
pets $100.00
health insurence $150
*phone $100.00
*resturant $370.00
*fun money$500.00

I think that this project was important because I can look at being an adult MORE CLEARLY. Now I know all the payments and hard work that our parents go through.  And now I am prepared to know the struggles and hard work I have to put into being adult!!!!!