Cleveland Cavaliers

Center - Alex Len

MPG:26.4  PPG: 11.9  RPG: 7.8 APG: 1.0  BLK: 2.1

Alex Len:

The first thing I think the Cavaliers need to focus on is the lack of big bodies the Cavaliers don't have. When Anderson Varejao went down with the injury, we were probably the worst rebounding team and maybe the most allowed points in the pant team, and on the offensive side are best scorer on the front court was Tristan Thompson. Now that this is being said, we need to focus on what we need to do to make this team take a step forward, and no longer crawl to are dreams of being a contending playoff team. With no moves yet in the free agency market we have to draft the best player available, that is going to suit are teams needs, and this my fellow Cavs fans is why I chose Alex Len.

Alex Len is a young man who measures 7' and plays like a true center. he attacks the boards and rolls off the pick and rolls and finishes strong at the basket, and if the dunk isn't there he finishes with soft hands and makes the easy basket. His percentage of making the basketball around the rim is 65%, but the best attribute about this center is his ability to move at his size at 255lb. the guy can catch the defender sleeping and get a base line alley oop or jest step to the side on a pick and roll and nock down the 15 t0 18' jump-shot. The guy to me has possible Dwight Howard, potential, but I don't think he would be no less than David Lee. Alex Lens peak is high just the simple fact that he can catch the lobs through traffic and step out and knock down the shot. What more can you ask for from a big man on the offensive side of the court? The guy young man is completely under rated, and the 2nd best thing about him no plays were drawn up for him and he almost averaged a double-double.

Now this is how Len would fit in the Cavs roster. Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiter both penetrate the paint at a high rate and they are our best offensive players who can attack the paint at will, and a lot of times with the lack of offensive skills are players have. The paint gets congested and makes Kyrie and Dion make there shot more difficult then it should have been. So, with the ability for one of our big man  to knock down the jump shot the defender would have to respect Len, and if he doesn't. It gives Kyrie another option to give the ball up to him for the jump shot, while are second best rebounder Tristan Thompson is fighting for the offensive glass.

The weakness Len has as a player, are any tendencies any 20 yr old would have. Experience can only get him better. Some key things he needs to work on, is his ability to shoot with his left hand consistently, and knocking down the hook shot. Some people may say his poor shot selection is a problem, but having Big Z as his mentor I wouldn't worry so much, besides most of the plays weren't drawn up for him and he was put in bad positions when the bad shot were taken or like I said lack of experience he didn't know the simple fundamental to execute a play properly, but that's what coaches are for. So to me Alex Len is the guy we should acquire in this up coming draft, and he will impact this team off the back.

A key note the Cavs should realize is if Alex Len those pan out like I'm saying. This would make Anderson Varejao, an asset to keep building for the future and make a contending team.


Roster and Roster Need's


  • PG: Kyrie Irving
  • SG: Dion Waiters
  • SF: Alonzo Gee
  • PF: Tristan Thompson, Anderson Varejao
  • C: Alex Len, Tyler Zeller


  • Back-up PG: ("Possible Free Agents") Nate Robinson, Mo Williams
  • Back-up SG: (PFA) JR Smith, OJ Mayo
  • SF: Rumors revolving Paul Pierce and Shawn Marion would for fill are need temporarily at the position cross your fingers
  • PF: with Tristan Thompson improving immensely I believe he has earn his starting roll but maybe adding an additional help like (PFA) Earl Clark would solidify are PF position
  • C: Alex Len would solidify are need at center, but being this draft is strong at center I would also invest the 19th pick on Gorgui Dieng from Louisville, dreat defender  

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